Advanced Learning and Training Institute

Infoly is a Delhi based Advanced Learning and Development Centre for various technical courses which are designed keeping the current industry trends in mind. The company aims at providing a holistic training to each student which will make them market ready as soon as they finish the course.

We have engaged experts in each course from across the industries of E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Web Designing, Web Development, Data Analytics, Project Management and many more.
The courses are charted keeping in mind the requirement of current and future market trends so that our candidates are easily placed in jobs across the globe.

Being on the pedestal of a technological shift across the globe, India holds the key to the door of technically equipped and workaholic manpower that could be acquired by companies of all types. Today, you don’t need an engineering degree to become a data scientist or a web developer or a programmer.
We provide industry driven uniquely designed programs with best teaching practices including hands on practical experience to our students. We believe in giving knowledge that will be actually useful rather than flooding an individual’s mind with loads of information half of which will be of no use.

Our Courses

E-Commerce Business Management

Digital Marketing

Data Analytics Using Excel and Power BI